UgaritRL will be a rogue-like inspired by a variety of different games and programmed in Java by one person. The game is both free and open source but is only about 0.5% complete. While there is a demo in an "alpha" state, design isn't even complete. I previously uploaded some demos, primarily to show off the status screen for a forum discussion. I've since removed all of these demos because they are largely unplayable.

Here are some features that will make UgaritRL unique among rogue-likes:

Current Game Features
Next Updates

Release Date: 2023/08/11 (Tentative)

I will periodically update this information, but don't expect it to change very much in the near future.


The Ugarit Heresy
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This game will essentially add a plot and non-randomized content to the UgaritRL engine. In Ugarit Heresy, you are a Nephil: half-Eloah and half-human. You have been convicted of sex with animals and drafted into the Nazirite order to pay off your debt to society. As a Nazirite, you are permitted to move around freely but are required to use your super powers to deal with any disasters that occur. Unfortunately, a number of disasters occur during your term as a Nazirite...

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