2008/07/05: LPC Prealpha 5 Demo

The Lucky's Puzzle Carnival Prealpha 5 Demo is now available. It adds a "World Tour" screen that is screwed up right now, but the idea behind it is a good one.

2008/06/28: LPC Test Signup Extended

The testing phase for Lucky's Puzzle Carnival will now begin on July 31, allowing more time for people to sign up for the test. There may also be a Mac version of the game by this time.

2008/06/12: Join the LPC Test in July

Lucky's Puzzle Carnival will enter its testing phase on July 15. Players chosen to participate in the test will receive the deluxe version of LPC before the game is released to test it. Their feedback will determine improvements and modifications that will be made to the game. Apply to participate in the Lucky's Puzzle Carnival Test before it's too late!

Participants will be notified on July 15.

The third prealpha demo for Lucky's Puzzle Carnival has finally been released. The demo has been cleaned up a little, but still is pretty rough. Most of the changes are cosmetic in nature, with one notable change being that the screen for winning a level is in roughly the state it should be, though the art isn't all done.

In case you're wondering about the second prealpha demo, it was never linked to due to a showstopper bug.

2008/06/02: LPC Prealpha Demo

The prealpha demo for Lucky's Puzzle Carnival has finally been released. It's in a rough state, but the 3 games included in the package are all fully functional.

2008/05/06: Game Art Available

A number of art resources have been made available. These resources can be used for free by anyone who is making a game. All you need to do is include some text in the credits.

Also, a number of new articles have posted on the site.

2008/04/29: Puzzle Carnival Screenshots

Preliminary screenshots for Puzzle Carnival are finally available on the Upcoming Releases page.

Expect the game to be released some time towards the end of the summer.

2007/12/22: Mac Games Available

Many new shareware games have been added to this site just in time to be too late for last minute Christmas gifts. Many of these games are available for Mac OS X as well as Windows.

Additionally, there's now a page that's almost like a primitive shopping cart.

2007/10/25: Nanotron Price Slashed!

Nanotron's price has been reduced to $9.99!

2007/08/25: More Free Games

I have begun the process of adding more free games to the free games page. They weren't developed by Orbital Cows Entertainment, but they are something to do while your on our site. More will be added later.

I also made a number of other small changes to improve the site. Popular pages have been improved, and unpopular pages have been removed.

Puzzle Carnival is in development, and we may post a demo in a few weeks.

2007/07/02: Nanotron Post-Release Update

Nanotron has been slightly updated. This will, in all likelihood, be the final update. This update adds a buy window to the demo (this was removed previously due to a bug which has since been fixed).

2007/06/25: Nanotron Released

Nanotron is now officially available for sale. Barring bug fixes, the game will remain unmodified from this point onwards.

2007/06/19: Many Games For Sale

Orbital Cows Entertainment now has many games available for sale.

2007/05/30: Nanotron Beta Test Closed

The Nanotron beta test is now closed. Feedback will still be accepted, but no new applications will be. Build 158 was posted today, but there will probably only be one more build.

2007/05/12: First Nanotron Beta Test Update

Nanotron build 150 is the result of some of the beta test feedback. It fixes some appearance issues, adds windowed mode, and adds keyboard support. More changes are being made, and there's still time for more feedback. There isn't much time left though, so join the Nanotron beta test [Edit: link removed] now if you're going to join it at all.

2007/05/01: Nanotron Beta Test Continues

To join the beta test (which is already in progress), fill out the Nanotron beta test application [Edit: link removed].

If you have already completed the beta test, provide us with feedback by filling out the Nanotron feedback form [Edit: link removed].

2007/04/18: Nanotron Beta Test

Nanotron is almost ready for beta testing. The beta test will begin on May 1 and will be open to a limited number of people.

If you would like to join the beta test, fill out the Nanotron beta test application [Edit: link removed]. The beta test consists of playing the deluxe version of Nanotron and telling us what you think. The demo version of Nanotron is available to anyone.

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