2011/11/23: UgaritRL Build 70

Build 70 of UgaritRL is now available. Even though the build number only went up by one, this is as much of an update as any of the others. You can now visit the world map (which has some terrain, but no other areas are available). Teleporters and triggers are also implemented, though they serve little purpose at this time.

I plan to take the next week or so off from coding in the hopes that I will regain some of my motivation to actually put work into the game. I will most likely be changing jobs relatively soon, so it's likely that I will have less time in the future. This is bad news given how unproductive I already am.

2011/11/06: CBI Released!

Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection has officially been released! Buy it now!

2011/10/14: UgaritRL Build 69

Build 69 of UgaritRL is now available. I started implementing the inventory system but never got to a point where it actually does anything. The main difference in this build is that some of the art is changed. I uploaded it mostly because I'm sending the art to someone.

2011/08/06: New Uploads

Beta 8 of Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection is available. Build 65 of UgaritRL is also available. Both were uploaded today.

Also, when you click on a buy button on the website, it will go straight to the page where you enter your payment information. No longer will you be forced to go through a page with a list of all the games. If you want to buy multiple games at once, you can still go to the buy page.

2011/07/22: Programmer Cam

I've uploaded some videos of me programming UgaritRL. Here's the first one:

I don't know that these videos will be useful to anyone, but now you know that I'm actually working on UgaritRL. I might be able to post a new build in the next few days if everything goes according to plan. The problem is that nothing ever goes according to plan. If it did, I would be able to upload a new build every week.

2011/06/19: UgaritRL Build 61

Build 61 of UgaritRL is now uploaded. It's still only semi-playable, but there's a sign you can read (and only one major bug in the simplistic one-state dialogue system). All the information about UgaritRL, including current and old builds, is available on the UgaritRL page.

2011/06/13: UgaritRL Upgrade List

I added a list of "upgrades" for UgaritRL [Edit: Link removed because UgaritRL will now feature aspects instead, and I don't have a list of all of them to upload.]. It is highly subject to change, but, at least, there's something to look at.

I also removed some of the less interesting articles from the articles page. I may eventually replace them with something better and, hopefully, more relevant to video game programming or rpgs.

2011/06/03: Beta Test

Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection is now in beta. Go to the Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection page to download the beta and then fill out the feedback form. If you fill out the feedback form, you'll receive a free copy of the game when it's finished.

2011/06/02: Coming Soon

Soon, there will be a page for Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection. At that point, a beta test will start. I have renamed Angelband to UgaritRL, and there might be a new build soon.

I spent some time updating the website today. Aside from renaming Angelband, I also moved the old Rabbits demo to my bio and deleted alot of dead links. And, obviously, I added the menu at the top of the page. I used a free tool on the Internet to create it, and I'm not sure exactly how it works.

2011/05/27: Hyraxes

I've written a new article: Military Applications of Hyraxes. It brainstorms the possible military uses of hyraxes (which are sort of like mean bunnies) with a slant towards potential video game development. It may be considered humorous by some, but I have the nagging suspicion that others won't share my interest in hyraxes.

2011/05/12: CA 2

I've uploaded yet another build of Angelband. I uploaded it because of changes to the directories used by Character Assembler, but there is one other change. The game includes the ability to create screenshots by pressing F2 or clicking on a screenshot button within the game. These screenshots are saved in an obscure Saved Games/Orbital Cows Software/Angelband/screens/ folder in your user directory.

2011/05/08: Character Assembler

I've uploaded a new build of Angelband. However, the game is unchanged. The only difference is the addition of a Character Assembler program for creating character images by combining images of different body parts. Next, I plan to add dialogue with NPCs to the game. I just have to start working a little faster...

Also, I'm thinking I might change the name of the game to something a little different because it's not actually based on Angband. I was thinking I might call it "Demiurge" and make you play the game as a half-angel half-demon called a demiurge. Some of the abilities you have would make a little more sense this way. However, I would also kind of like to have a choice between a few very similar species. In this case, naming the game after one species would be exceedingly strange.

2011/04/05: Starcraft 2 Delay

Eduardo seems to be moving right along on Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection, but my work on Angelband has stalled slightly because of Starcraft 2 gameplay. I've been "working" on a utility program to create character images by piecing together images of different body parts. This should be done soon, but it depends upon how much I actually work on it. The next build may also include rearrangement of the status screen. I think I want to force the player to take the attribute upgrades before upgrading the skill upgrades.

Something Coyote said on the Rampant Games forum gave me the idea a while ago, but I never thought about a good way to implement. I think it will be something like: Magic Upgrade -> Upgrades for 4 Magic Types -> Upgrade for some better Magic Type.

It's kind of silly that I've been playing Starcraft 2 more than programming, but without Starcraft 2 we would all be truly lost.

2011/03/15: LPC Videos

I've finally created videos for Lucky's Puzzle Carnival:

It's funny because this is what I set out to do first, but it wound up getting done last.

2011/03/15: LPC 1.06

I updated Lucky's Puzzle Carnival again even though I just updated it before.

The main thing I wanted to change was the 2-row levels of Memory Search. What's the point in the game if there's only 2 rows of cards? I don't want to make people think the game's stupid on the first level. I eliminated these levels.

I also added some text about how to use the level select screen at the top of the level select screen and removed one row of levels for each game. Since the difference between the various levels is relatively small, this should change little. Unfortunately, this does invalidate all old save game files. I weighed this nuisance vs making the game slightly more accessible to new players and opted to make the change.

I really wanted to combine the game select and level select screens into 1 screen, but there's no way to include all the information on one screen. I would have to drop a bunch of levels, and that makes it seem undesirable to do that much work. I'll just keep this idea in mind for future game development.

2011/03/11: Nanotron Videos

I've created gameplay videos for Nanotron:

Either Eduardo or I will probably create a trailer at some point, though I'm not sure when. There's other things that I have to get done first.

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