2019/02/27: Website Dead

This website has been dead for a long time, and most of the links are dead links. Nanotron, Lucky's Puzzle Carnival, and Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection are still available for sale. This website only continues to exist for that reason. Most of the content on this website has been deleted.

Also, the 3 games may not be entirely compatible with Windows 10. If you are interested in them, please try the free demos first.

2015/01/12: UgaritRL Canceled

It's been ages since I worked on UgaritRL. It's been dead for a long time, but I'm now making it official. I've also removed alot of extraneous material from the website.

2013/04/14: Frayed Knights Sale

I added the game Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon to the website. It's currently on sale for 50%, but the sale price won't appear until you get to BMT Micro's shopping cart. If you buy the game, you should do it in the next couple of days.

2013/04/11: Prices Lowered

The prices on Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection, Lucky's Puzzle Carnival, and Nanotron have all been reduced to $5.99 permanently. If you've been waiting for the prices to go down, now is the time to buy. They aren't going to be reduced to anything less than the are now.

2013/03/28: UgaritRL Demos Removed

I've removed the links to the UgaritRL demos. The game is still in development, and the page is still there. However, I'm no longer going to waste time uploading unplayable demos. I uploaded the first one to show off the status screen for a forum discussion and continued uploading more for no good reason. This is a waste of my time and of the time of anyone who happens to download an unplayable demo.

I've also removed some other uninteresting information that I probably should never have posted on the website in the first place.

2013/02/27: Indie Game Dev Article

I've posted a new article: How to Fail at Indie Game Development. It's sort of a joke, but doing the opposite of what it says may help you succeed at indie game development.

2013/01/20: Website Updates

Today, I updated the game info pages to make them a bit more streamlined. I also removed all the awards from the pages for Nanotron and Lucky's Puzzle Carnival, replacing them with large YouTube videos.

I also added Soldak Entertainment's new game Drox Operative. It's a little expensive, but it seems like it has alot of content.

I've been working on UgaritRL in a somewhat haphazard fashion. I have a partial equipment screen now, but I want to at least have a full inventory system before I upload another build.

2012/11/14: UgaritRL Build 82

I just uploaded build 82 of UgaritRL [Edit: Link Removed]. This build adds Html and multi-line replies to the dialogue screen, adds an aspect grokking screen, and entirely removes the Widget system I spent a year making. The game has many small cosmetic improvements. In general, it looks better and is more responsive.

Visit the UgaritRL page to learn more.

2012/10/16: Updated Bio

I've updated my Bio page. I've updated it for new developments and restored alot of old information about various problems I've faced. This information is uninteresting, but I included it as a potential guide to others.

I wonder if I would have been better off spending the day working on UgaritRL...

2012/10/12: Donate Button

I've added a Donate page. This allows you to donate money to Orbital Cows Software. In theory, we'll use this money to make more games. You can think of donating as rewarding us for the various games we've given away for free.

2012/09/10: UgaritRL Zip Files

I have now uploaded zip files for UgaritRL [Edit: Link Removed]. It should be possible to run the game on Mac or Linux by using these files to compile the game. Some other minor changes have been made to the UgaritRL page.

2012/08/26: UgaritRL Build 75

I just uploaded build 75 of UgaritRL [Edit: Link Removed]. The main improvement over build 70 is that it actually works. Other than that, I don't expect the average user will notice much difference unless they've been paying alot of attention to the statistics available.

After barely working on UgaritRL for quite some time, I've finally put in the effort to revise the level up system that can't be used yet and rewrite alot of code to allow me to add some new screens to the game. Perhaps, there will be some more substantial updates in the near future, but it will take quite some time to actually make this demo into game.

I've also revised the game's page on the website and added some links to our Facebook page (which now has an actual user name and can be linked to). The changes are small.

2012/05/25: Because We May Sale

Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection, Lucky's Puzzle Carnival, and Nanotron are all on sale for $3.99 until June 1, 2012! Other games are on sale as part of the Because We May sale.

2012/05/14: Loren the Amazon Princess

I've added Loren the Amazon Princess as a game for sale as an affiliate. I would add more of Winter Wolves' games than I already have on the site, but it's kind of a pain to do.

I've been working on and off on UgaritRL, and I hope to actually upload a new build in the relatively near future. The changes won't be particularly significant, which is unfortunate given the long gap between uploaded builds.

2011/12/13: Terraria Video Series

I've been playing Terraria alot since the 1.1 update came out. I started over with a new character in a new world and recorded all my gameplay. I uploaded the videos to YouTube, and they are now available. Watching these videos may be soothing.

I've been messing around a bit with UgaritRL, but I doubt I'll get anything significant done before the end of the year. Right now, I'm trying to make item lists and a more creative system for character development.

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