Most of these games are free. The few that aren't free indicate this in their description.

Genre: StrategyDeveloper: Gemtree Software

The card game, Ants (pictured) is an entertaining game, even though it's not too complex. The point of the game is to build a tall castle or destroy the other castle. In Ants, the cards make your castle bigger, build a fence to defend your castle, attack the enemy's castle/fence, or have some sort of special effect. Though this game is no Neverwinter Nights, it's better than Freecell.

Genre: ArcadeDeveloper: Xgen Studios

In Castle, stick men are attacking your castle. You pick them up with a giant hand and drop them. Drop them from high up to kill them, and drop them into your temple to convert them to your team. You can buy various castle upgrades that allow you to train converted enemies to protect your castle.

Genre: AdventureDeveloper: Studio Blum

Cult is an interesting but short adventure game. You're a police officer, and you have to stop some lunatic for wiping out all the people in his cult. Mostly, you just wander around talking to people, picking stuff up, and opening up new areas. It's fun though, trust me.

There's a sequel to Cult and a few other games on the site as well.

Dragon Court
Genre: RPGDeveloper: Fred's Fiends

Dragon Court (pictured) is an RPG where you click on areas to face random encounters. It's a fun game, and you have lots of cool abilities and items to use. There's also an online guild system and an online scoring system, which aren't as important.

Dragon Court 2 is limited to characters of at most level 20 unless you pay a small monthly fee. Dragon Court 1 is a bit more fun anyways, though Dragon Court 2 seems more polished.

Genre: RPGDeveloper: Spiderweb Software

Geneforge 1-5 are cool isometric RPGs. The main difference between these games and others is that you have the ability to create creatures with your "shaping" magic. The games are old school and have turn-based combat. The picture is from Geneforge 2, but all 5 games look pretty much the same.

These games aren't free, but you can get 10% off in the month of October.

Gythol Granditti
Genre: RPGDeveloper: GZ Storm

Gythol Granditti, a charming and short Rpg. The combat is much like that in Final Fantasy Tactics, and it's fairly engrossing, despite the game's SNES-ish graphics. The game is amusing, partly because cheese plays a fundamental role. Unfortunately, there's a number of stupid puzzles that interrupt the game.

Heroine Iysayana
Genre: RPGDeveloper: Michael Hoffmann

Heroine Iysayana is a classic Final Fantasy-style RPG. It's a little more adult-oriented (or at least older teenager-oriented) than other such RPGs though. The title character is more of a party girl than a hero, but the goddess Yw'nafob to save the world. Warning: This game contains off-beat references to alcohol and sex.

Highway Pursuit
Genre: ArcadeDeveloper: Adam Dawes

Highway Pursuit is a 3d remake of Spy Hunter (the one with the cars). I don't know precisely what the goal of the game is, but it's sort of a racing game.

Retrospec's website features alot of remakes of old games, including this one.

Genre: SimulationDeveloper: Freshpulp Games

This game is all about feeding fish and protecting them from aliens. It may sound strange, but it's a ton of fun. It's sort of like Sim City in a fish tank except that you also shoot aliens. You don't actually build anything, but you create and feed various kinds of fish. You obtain money by clicking on the coins and diamonds that the fish drop when they're well-fed. The goal of each level is to buy 3 pieces of an egg, but you need lots of fish to get that kind of cash.

The game is free unless you want to buy the improved version.

Genre: StrategyDeveloper: Sean O'Conner

In Slay, the map is split up among you and a number of Ai players. Each cluster of hexes you control has a little hut that produces gold each turn. You can spend the gold on soldiers and defenses. During your turn, you can move each of your soldiers to any hex in the cluster of hexes they're in or to any hex adjacent to that cluster. It's easier than it sounds, but it's alot of fun.

This game is shareware. You have to pay to play more than a few islands, but you can buy it as part of a whole bundle of games (which aren't as good as Slay but still are sort of fun).

Stick RPG
Genre: RPGDeveloper: Xgen Studios

In Stick Rpg, you find a job, earn money, and buy stuff. You can become a drug dealer, the president, or a number of things in between the two extremes. It's the navel-gazing live-your-life type of game that seems to be popular among Flash programmers now.

Tower of the Sorcerer
Genre: Puzzle/RPGDeveloper: Furano

Tower of the Sorcerer is sort of a "Lite" RPG. NPC interaction and the story are minimal. To fight an enemy, you simply walk into it. You raise statistics by finding gems or sacrificing gold at an altar. This simple system is liberating, but limited resources make this game a puzzle game disguised as an RPG.

Download the 2d version rather than the 3d version because the 3d version actually looks worse. Also, don't let the appearance of the website deter you from downloading; it actually is a fun game.

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