Charm School

Developer Hanako Games
Genre RPG
Price $14.95
Charm School is a simulation/role-playing game in which you are responsible for training three students in the arts of magic and adventure. As their teacher, you assign them to classes that will raise their skills in particular fields, like health or weapon use, but may lower their scores in other areas, such as stamina or happiness.
Between classes, you can have the girls perform arcade-style after school jobs to raise your amount of spending money. You need money to keep the school running, to purchase items that help your students, and to take part in various special events that happen throughout the year.
You can also send the girls out on adventures, where they will encounter monsters to fight, puzzles to solve, and treasures to win. At the end of the year, each girl will receive a career depending on her stats and the choices you have made for her.

Each girl has over 20 unique endings, guaranteeing high replayability. Can you make your students famous?


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