Rabbit Bureau of Investigation Storyline

Final Update

This game has been put on a back burner for the time being so that games with an angelic theme can be developed. Some elements from the RBI documents may be included in these angelic games, and RBI may be revisited at some future date.

Version 0.06 (2010/10/19)
Version 0.05 (2009/11/23)
Version 0.04 (2009/11/22)
Version 0.03 (2009/11/10)
Version 0.02 (2009/09/08)
Version 0.01 (2009/03/25)

Main Quests


Location: RBI Training Facility

You start with either Ralph or Veronica and are undergoing routine training in the training facility underneath the fortress.

You begin the game in the training facility. Drill sergeants in each room teach you how to play the game. After the training sequence, they are mostly useless.

  1. You are taught about dialog and walking. In the hallway, you meet your partner, Tito. He joins your party, no longer blocking the path to the next room.
  2. The trainer tells you that the door blocking your path is locked. You must search through the containers in the room to find the key. Some footprints lead to the right container.
  3. The trainer gives you some junk. You must barter with a nearby merchant to get your standard issue pistols. The trainer won't open the door until you show him your new pistols. You also must equip the pistols, which the trainer tells you how to do after you have them.
  4. (Danger Room) You meet a robot here. He gives you information about fighting, and he has you fight some training robots. Winning the battle earns you some carrots and allows you to get through the hallway. You can either heal yourself by eating them or use them as currency.
  5. You are given an Experience Point Bonus. This raises both characters to level 2. He tells you how to select new aspects. He then tells you to report to Director Obama on the ground floor. The elevator is deactivated, so you must use a computer to activate it.

Director Mueller (a male rabbit) is in the command post. He is the one who gives your missions (in person or over the phone).

Robot Rampage

Location: RBI Research Facility

Mission: Stop the robot rampage at the Research Center.

Clue: Use the mainframe to shut off the robots' attack mode.

Enemies: Mice, robots.

The RBI research facility in Littleton has been attacked by turban-wearing mice. They have sabotaged the facility, causing the facility's robots to go on a rampage. They have smashed technological items throughout the facility because they hate science. Also, they have stolen a robotic wheelchair from the research facility, bringing up the question "Why would mice steal a robotic wheelchair?"

In the Littleton Research Center, you encounter Chuck, who joins your party. He tells you that Malcolm, the head of research, may be able to to

Within the facility, you can encounter Malcolm, the head of research. Malcolm will tell you that there is only one wayw to stop the robot rampage. You must use the mainframe to shut off the robots' attack mode. Unfortunately, a mouse has barricaded himself in the mainframe room.

The mice have turned the robots in the research facility hostile, and the robots are your main enemies. To complete the mission, you must get into the room with the mainframe. The mice have barracaded the door to the research facility and won't let you in. To get in, you will have to use Linda's shapeshifting ability or fight a giant robot to go in the back door.

The villain turns out be Benito Mousie, Number 12 of M.O.U.S.E. When you defeat him, you send him to Alaska State Jail.

Find out M.O.U.S.E.'s diabolical plan

Location: Mouseville

Mission: Rescue Linda and find out what M.O.U.S.E.'s diabolical plan is.

Linda the Lagomorph has impersonated Osama Bin Ratten and is in the city of Mouseville. She has discovered what M.O.U.S.E.'s next target is, but she has been captured. Rescue her and retrieve the information.

Fortunately, she has been implanted with a GPS tracker, so she should be easy to find. You can sneak in by going through the sewers or just break down the front gate.

After getting the information, arrest Number 11 of M.O.U.S.E. (a mouse) and leave Mouseville.

Special Olympics

Location: Palin Dome

Mission: Arrest the M.O.U.S.E. agent that has infiltrated the Special Olympics.

Required Quest: Arrest Adolf Mouseler and take him to jail.

Required Quest: Arrest Adolf Mouseler's terrorist mice and take them to jail.

Enemies: Mice

After being captured. Osama Bin Ratten revealed that a M.O.U.S.E. agent, named Adolf Mouseler, has infiltrated the Special Olympics. Director Obama sends you to find this M.O.U.S.E. agent. Some additional information: a robotic wheelchair was stolen from the research center, but they can't figure out why.

Inside the Palin Dome, different anthromorphic animal-people are running around, trying to escape. Mice are chasing them. The terrorist attack has already begun.

When you find Tito, he joins your party.

Adolf Mouseler is Number 11 of M.O.U.S.E. His weapon of choice is a missile-armed robotic wheelchair.

Martian Sighting

Location: Littleton

Mission: Investigate the reported series of Martian sightings in Littleton.

Optional: Rescue Willie

When you track down Martian Veronica, she's in the Diamond Carrot Greenhouse. Martian Veronica has stolen all the diamond carrots, but she gets away with her teleporter beam. She leaves only one diamond carrot behind.

Investigate the New Duckville Hurricane

Location: New Duckville

Mission: Find out the cause of the New Duckville hurricane.

New Duckville has been evacuated because of a hurricane. This is extremely odd because hurricanes don't happen in Alaska. Director Obama sends you to New Duckville to find out what caused the hurricane.

There is a weather control device here.

Stop the Zombie Invasion

Location: Alaska State Cemetary

The information in the last quest revealed that M.O.U.S.E. is planning to start a zombie invasion of Alaska. Director Obama assigns you the quest to travel to Alaska State Cemetary and stop the M.O.U.S.E. agent from raising an army of zombies.

The villain is a witch doctor, who is part of M.O.U.S.E.

Save Biggleton

Location: Biggleton

Biggles have attacked the city during a parade protesting a Naive Bottled Water store that has driven many other stores out of business. The problem has been caused by Martians with advanced technology that enrages the biggles, causing them to attack rabbits and also to breed explosively.

You must destroy the Biggle Control Devices to end the biggle threat. You can then arrest Number 10 of M.O.U.S.E. (a Martian). Linda can turn into Martian Veronica, but Number 10 still doesn't reveal any information. You don't find any more clues about M.O.U.S.E.

Eliminate M.O.U.S.E.

Location: Averageton

Number 9 has sold out and revealed M.O.U.S.E.'s secret base of operations. It's Averageton, the city where all the famous rabbits live. Number 7 is a rabbit, though you don't have any more information about him.

Almost everyone in Averageton has been brainwashed by the evil Martians. They all mutter inanely until the Martians are defeated. Except where otherwise noted, all rabbits are brainwashed. The information given for these characters doesn't apply until after the Mind Control Transmitter has been destroyed. At the end, you find out that the Martians' next target is Littleton.

Number 7, Number 6, and Number 5 are here. There are Martians and mice working here as well.

M.O.U.S.E. has deployed a submarine as per their master plan (which you still don't know), but you're too late to stop the submarine.

At this point, the ducks have all returned to New Duckville. (The map should have an entirely new file or something.)

Capture the escaped prisoner

Location: New Duckville.

Number 12 has escaped from prison. A GPS tracker has revealed his location to be New Duckville, but the tracker was removed after that.

Destroy the Martian Submarine

Location: Martian Submarine

Defeat the Martians on the submarine. Martian Veronica is there and you capture her.

Restore Martian Veronica's Rabbitness

Location: Palm Springs

You must find Buddha, who can restore Martian Veronica to Rabbit Veronica.


Alaska State Hospital

This is where you take injured people.

Alaska State Jail

This is where you drop off prisoners.

J. Edgar Rabbit Fortress

Description: A fortress.

Buildings: Armory, Barracks (rooms filled with bunk beds, restrooms, and public shower), Cafeteria, Command Post, Hospital, Naive Bottled Water, Training Facility


Jessica - Outfits you with new equipment (if you have the appropriate forms or spend enough money). It's also possible to sexually harass her, in which case you have to go to Associate Deputy Director Ne-Chim to get reprimanded before she'll sell you anything. What equipment she sells depends upon what quests you've completed. Prices here are higher than prices anywhere else.

Command Post

Associate Deputy Director Brambles - He assigns you the quests. Whenever you complete a quest, he gives you your weekly pay - carrots.

Agent Ne-Chim - Constantly smokes and coughs. You can ask him questions, such as "Where is the Gateway?" If you ask him about training, he sends you to Sergeant Suko. Gives you a speech about how you are officers of the law and should behave appropriately.


Doc Easter - The Easter Bunny. Reminisces with Ralph. Heals your party if you're injured.

Sheryl - Female rabbit with brain cancer who is lying in one of the beds.

Child - Sheryl's child begs you to save his mother from brain cancer. Side Quest: Save Sheryl from cancer.


Criminals are kept here.

Recycling Center

Bring trash here to recycle it in exchange for carrots.

Training Facility

Danger Room - You can fight groups of combat robots that are adjusted for your level.

Trainer Suko - Answers your questions about gameplay.


Description: A small Rabbit town in the mountains. An RBI research facility is here, as is Rabbitworld's largest diamond carrot farm. The farm is separated from the rest of the town by mountain rock.

Some characters will have different dialogue after Willie has been rescued or the mice are defeated.

Buildings: Armory, Barracks (rooms filled with bunk beds, restrooms, and public shower), Hospital (standard), Inn (standard), Naive Bottled Water (surrounded by protestors), Pub, Shop (Joshua, Melanie, and Willie), Research Facility

Diamond Carrot Farm

There are a number of hostile, but weak, yellow oozes wandering this area. Eliminate them and talk to Martian Veronica to complete the Clear all the monsters from the Diamond Carrot Farm quest.

There's also a small treasure chest at the northwesternmost end of the meadow. It contains a modest reward for defeating all the oozes.

Linda and Willie are both within the Diamond Carrot Farm. Willie will hide behind the barrels until all the oozes are killed and Martian Veronica is gone. Willie will run back to the statue when rescued, completing the "Rescue Willie" quest.

Linda - See the quest summary.

Martian Veronica - See the quest summary.

Willie - Willie is farther into the meadow. He'll run to the Juice Stand after you tell him all the oozes are gone.

Yellow Oozes - easy to defeat.

Juice Stand

Juice Merchant - Says that there's no business because Naive Bottled Water moved in next door. Sells carrot juice.

Willie - Comes here for carrot juice after he is rescued.

Research Facility

The door has been barricaded by the mice. You can only get in by having Linda turn into a mouse.


This house contains 2 bedrooms as well as the regular living area and a bedroom. The living area contains a Map Trigger for Joshua to go to after Willie is rescued.

Joshua - Joshua owns the diamond carrot farm. He's standing outside his house shouting for help. His diamond farm has been overrun by oozes, and his son, Willie (child), is trapped up there. If you rescue Willie, defeat all the oozes, and Martian Veronica leaves, he'll go back home. Side Quest: Clear all the monsters from the Diamond Carrot Farm. Side Quest: Rescue Willie. Side Quest: Recover Joshua's 42 Diamond Carrots. (after talking to Martian Veronica)

Melanie - She sells special carrot dinners but won't sell them until Willie is resuced. New Quest: Rescue Tito. New Quest: Rescue Willie.

Town Elder's House

Elder - tells you that the monsters are in the Diamond Carrot Farm. It's been sealed off to prevent people from wandering into danger. Jed will open the meadow door for you. If you ask the elder for a reward, he tells you that he wouldn't dream of bribing an officer of the law.

New Duckville

Description: This is a "native" city containing a bunch of reed huts and so forth. It's in a swamp, and much of the city is submerged.

Some duck names: Drake, Mallard.



Notes: Mice always talk about cheese. ALWAYS.

Side Quest: Find a cure for cheese addiction.


Description: Like Littleton, but bigger.

Rabbit Cemetary

Description: It's a pretty standard graveyard.

A mouse witch doctor is making zombies here.


Description: Like Littleton and Biggleton, but average-sized. More urban. It's called Averageton to hide the fact that it's full of rich celebrities.

Martian Submarine


Palm Springs



Description: The mouse capitol city.

Mission: Eliminate the cheese supply.

Required Quest: Rescue the cows.

Optional Quest: Supply the minotaurs with weapons so they can help you rescue the cows.

Notes: Mice always talk about cheese. ALWAYS.

The mice are holding cows prisoner for their milk. The minotaurs want to rescue the cows. It's possible to help the minotaurs rescue the cows.

Side Quests

These are additional quests that are separate from the main storyline that you can do by looking on your police scanner.

Vandalism: Various locations in Littleton have been attacked by mice who are vandalizing technology.

Hurricane Victims: Take victims of the New Duckville Hurricane to the Alaska State Hospital. There are also looters (ducks and mice) who have to be taken to jail.

Standard Services

Alaska Federal Employees Credit Union

You can get an account to protect your cash. If you die (and get respawned), all the money in your wallet disappears, but the money in your credit union is safe. You can get a debit card that debits directly from your account and a credit card that lets you borrow money at 10% interest.


Healer - Completely restores your party's HP and SP for free. Healers are the same in every area. They have some additional dialogue if you visit enough different healers or find all the Diamond Carrots.

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