Rabbits Storyline

A storyline for a simple 2d RPG
By Steven Fletcher


This is the storyline for a rather small 2d RPG. I realize that alot of things are silly and/or stupid, but that's intentional (most of the time). The various city names and so forth give me only a small amount of amusement, but, in this case, a small amount of amusement is enough. I don't know if other people will find this game humorous, but I'm not too concerned with that anyways.


You are Ralph, a male rabbit. You happen to be a Rabbit Knight, and you are about to undertake a new assignment.

Game Start

You start in Rabbit Fortress, right next to the Gateway. Commander Claw immediately starts a conversation with you and sends you on a quest to slay the Littleton Oozes.

At the start of the game, the only maps visitable through the Gateway are Littleton and Rabbit Fortress.


Medieval Rabbit World. Magic is available.

The game consists of a large number of closed-in areas. They might be islands, mountaintops, or underground tunnels. Either way, they each have a magical gateway that allows transportation between them. There's relatively little "regular" travel between maps.

Loomis Ladder

Each section of the game occurs in a different area, but some areas are reused. Hence, what happens in each area is listed below, but reused areas only describe the changes since the last time they've appeared in the Loomis Ladder.

Most areas can be visited by the player at any time, but they only change when reused within the Loomis Ladder.

Rabbit Fortress

Description: A fortress.

Command Room

Contains the Gateway.

Commander Claw - When the game starts, he immediately starts talking to you and assigns you the initial quest. You can ask him questions, such as "Where is the Gateway?" If you ask him about training, he sends you to Sergeant Suko. New Quest: Slay the Littleton Oozes

Healing Room

Healer - Completely restores your party's HP and SP for free. Healers are the same in every area. They have some additional dialogue if you visit enough different healers or find all the Gold Carrots.

Outfitting Room

Veronica - Outfits you with new equipment (for the right price). It's also possible to sexually harass her, in which case you have to go to Commander Claw to get reprimanded before she'll sell you anything. What equipment she sells depends upon what quests you've completed.

Patients Room


Training Room

Sergeant Suko - Tells you about combat. Sort of.

In the south of the Training Room, there's a big gate that won't open. When Rabbit Fortress is razed, this gate is destroyed, allowing you to exit to the outside of Rabbit Fortress where the strongest enemies are.

Treasure Room A

This room has some treasure in it. You need to have the lockpicking trait to open it.

Treasure Room B

This room has lots of good treasure in it. Commander Claw opens it for you later in the game.

Treasure Chest: Banded Mail, Gold Carrot (3), Potion 1 (5), Potion 2 (4), Potion 3 (3), Potion 4 (2), Potion 5 (1), Powerstone 1 (5), Powerstone 2 (4), Powerstone 3 (3), Powerstone 4 (2), Powerstone 5 (1), Steel Sword


Description: A small Rabbit town. There's a large meadow to the north. It's seperated from the rest of the town by a wall of rock.

Some characters will have different dialogue after Joshua/Willie are rescued/killed or the oozes are defeated.

Guard Post

This is where the door sealing off the North Meadow is. Jed will open it for you when you talk to him.

Jed - Lets you hire Militiamen (only 1 at a time). It's free until you've defeated the oozes. After that, it costs 1 gold coin.


Healer - Completely restores your party's HP and SP for free.


Barkeep - You can't get any useful information out of him, but you can shut down the pub for serving alcoholic beverages if you want.

Bubba - Tells you about gaining levels and traits.

Mallard - Gets upset if you kill the barkeep, but gets happy if you cut off the alcohol.

Slappy - Tells you about the 42 Gold Carrots of Buddha. If you recover them for her, she'll pay you.


This shop contains 2 bedrooms as well as the regular shop area. The shop area contains 2 Map Triggers for Melanie and Joshua to go to after Joshua and Willie are rescued.

Melanie - She tells you that her son was in the Northern Meadow when the oozes came, and her husband went to go look for them. She wants you to rescue them. If you rescue them or get them killed, she says different things. New Quest: Rescue Joshua. New Quest: Rescue Willie.

If Joshua returns here, he sells you items. He gives you a discount rate if Willie is rescued.


It's just a creepy-looking statue of a happy face, but there's also a Map Trigger that marks the spot that Willie goes to after he's rescued.

Town Elder's House

Elder - tells you that the monsters are in the northern meadow. It's been sealed off to prevent people from wandering into danger. Jed will open the meadow door for you. The elder offers you the treasure left in the mine as a reward for defeating the monsters.

Northern Meadow

There are a number of hostile, but weak, yellow oozes wandering this area. When you kill them all, their script will note that you've completed the Slay the Littleton Oozes quest.

There's also a small treasure chest at the northwesternmost end of the meadow. It contains a modest reward for defeating all the oozes.

Joshua and Willie are both within the Northern Meadow. Convince them to join your party and the leave the meadow to rescue them (Joshua won't leave unless Willie is rescued or dead). There's a Map Trigger at the door that causes the rescue to occur.

The exact details of the map trigger are as follows:

Joshua - He won't leave until Willie is rescued, but he isn't strong enough to get past the oozes. Joins your party to help find Willie. If you tell Joshua that Willie is killed, he returns home by himself.

Willie - Willie is farther into the meadow. He'll join your party, but he just runs away from enemies during combat.

Yellow Oozes - easy to defeat.

Rabbit Fortress (after killing Littleton oozes)

Command Room

Commander Claw - He just assigns you a new quest to recover the Holy Cheese. The crypt is locked, so you will have to recover the Crypt Key or pick the lock to enter. Stavros, the agent that was already sent to the Ancient Graveyard, had the Crypt Key. New Quest: Make contact with Stavros in the Ancient Graveyard. New Quest: Recover the Holy Cheese from the Ancient Graveyard. New Map: Ancient Graveyard.

Ancient Graveyard

Description: It's a pretty standard graveyard.


Fight various kinds of oozes and skeletons.

Stavros - Talking to him completes the completes the first task of the "Obtain the Crypt Key. (Optional)" quest. He tells you where about the faceman taking the Crypt Key and provides you with Guncow and Militia mercenaries for free.

Treasure Chest (Trapped) - Contains 50 gold. (Located in the south somewhere.)

Fork in the Road

The graveyard's caretaker is standing at this fork in the road. The left fork leads to the crypt, and the right fork leads to a faceman.

Caretaker - He can tell you where Stavros is and which fork leads to the crypt.

Left Fork (Crypt)

The door is locked, but can be opened by the Crypt Key. There's a number of enemies around.

Treasure Chest (Locked) - Gold Carrot, 50 gold coins.

Treasure Chest - Gold Carrot, Potion 2, Powerstone 2, 10 gold coins.

Treasure Chest - Holy Cheese. Taking the Holy Cheese completes the first task of the "Recover the Holy Cheese from the Ancient Graveyard" quest.

Right Fork

Stupid Faceman - tough to kill at this point in the game

Treasure Chest - (North East.) Short Sword, 25 gold coins.


Tweedle - Tweedle is a stupid faceman who has the Crypt Key. If you have the Persuasion trait, you can convince him to give it to you. Otherwise, you have to fight him for it. Getting the Crypt completes the "Obtain the Crypt Key. (Optional)" quest.

Treasure Chest (Trapped) - (South West.) Leather Armor, Powerstone 2, 25 gold coins.

Treasure Chest (Trapped) - (South East.) Gold Carrot, Potion 2, 100 gold coins.

Rabbit Fortress (after recovering the Holy Cheese)

Command Room

Commander Claw - If you show him the Holy Cheese, he says something about storing it for study and then assigns you a new quest to find the caravan that was supposed to come from Biggleton through the Gateway. If you return to Commander Claw after finding the caravan but before rescuing the citizens of Biggleton, he tells you to go rescue the citizens of Biggleton. Quest: Find the Biggleton caravan. New Map: Biggleton


Description: Like Littleton, but bigger.

Almost everyone here's been brainwashed by the evil faceman. They all mutter inanely until the faceman is defeated. Except where otherwise noted, all rabbits are brainwashed. The information given for these characters doesn't apply until after the Mind Control Transmitter has been destroyed.

Gateway Area

The gateway is clear of enemies.

Biggleton Wall

This is a wall between Biggleton and the Gateway. The wall's gate is guarded by a squiggle and a group of oozes.


The caravan is stopped outside the city gate. No one in the caravan has been brainwashed.

Caravan Master - Talking to the caravan master completes the Biggleton caravan quest. He thanks you for rescuing the caravan and tells you that Biggleton is under attack. He sends a healer, a gun cow, and a soldier with you to help out. After talking to the caravan master, the caravan starts moving towards the Gateway. When they reach the square under the gateway, they teleport away. This completes the "Find the Biggleton caravan." quest. New Quest: Rescue the citizens of Biggleton.

Various caravan people - They don't say anything of importance, but they walk towards they gateway and disapper.


There's a farmer here who can give you some limitted directions in the city.

Biggleton Proper

This is the actual city, which is surrounded by the city wall.

Adventurers' Guild

The inhabitants of the Adventurers' Guild aren't brainwashed because they were able to fight off the faceman. The door is shut, but you can talk to Stella through the door. She'll let you in when you convince her that you're not a squiggle.

Guildmaster - (Not brainwashed) Sells decent mercenaries for 3 gold coins each.

Foxy - (Not brainwashed) Tells you that she wants Tito to stay away from her because he's a jerk.

Tito - (Not brainwashed) Tells you that he's popular with the ladies and that Foxy's going to be his next conquest.

Stella - (Not brainwashed) A stuck up mercenary who won't join you.


Fergus (Mind Controlled only) - This militia man is standing in the doorway of the armory. This militia is only partially mind controlled. You can talk to him. If you have the Persausion trait, you can get him to throw off the mind control effect and join you. If you don't, you'll have to fight him to enter the armory. After the Mind Control Device is destroyed, this is no longer an issue - he just wanders around and provides useless information.

City Hall

There are a number of squiggles trying to knock down the door. It's damaged enough that you can just kick it open to enter. You can also pick the lock if you have the Lockpicking trait.

The inhabitants of City Hall aren't brainwashed because the squiggles haven't made it in yet.

Elder (Not brainwashed) - Talking to the Elder completes task 0 of the "Rescue the citizens of Biggleton." quest. He tells you that the evil faceman has set up some kind of device that controls most of the people in the city. Some people are immune to the device, but the faceman has more powerful ways to control rabbits he captures. The people won't risk injuring their own people, but they are holding out against the squiggles who the faceman has brought to town.

The elder thinks the faceman came to steal the Yellow Cheese from the town's treasury and wants you to take it to Rabbit Fortress for safekeeping. He gives you the Biggleton Treasury Key so that you can get the Yellow Cheese. New Quest: Recover the Yellow Cheese from the Biggleton treasury.

After defeating the faceman, the elder will give you a suit of Bronze Mail if you didn't kill any of the townspeople. He then advises you to return the Yellow Cheese to commanding officer.

Militia (Not brainwashed) - Tell you to talk to the elder.

Treasure Chests - There's a number of treasure chests within City Hall. All of them have locks and traps, but the Elder can open them.

Faceman Headquarters

A faceman is here. Several rabbits under his control will fight you.

Controlled Rabbits (Mind Controlled only) - These are just militia. Defeating them is easy, but it makes the town less helpful towards you. If the Mind Controller is shut off, they'll run away from the faceman and provide some useless information.

Faceman - Defeating the faceman ends the "Rescue the citizens of Biggleton." quest if the mind controller has already been destroyed.

Chest (Trapped) - Gold Carrot


Healer (Mind Controlled only) - Completely restores your party's HP and SP for free.

Locked Home

This home is locked, but can be opened with the lockpicking skill.

Cabinet - 3 gold coins, Gold Carrot, Potion 2 * 2


Blacksmith - will equip you with better equipment (for a price)

Shopkeeper - sells items

Mind Control House

This house has been converted to contain the mind control device. It is guarded by a number of squiggles.

Mind Control Device - Shutting this off frees all rabbits who are mind controlled by not brainwashed. This completes the "Rescue the citizens of Biggleton." quest if the faceman has already been defeated.


The door is locked, but the Elder can give you the Biggleton Treasury Key, which opens it.

Unlocked Homes

These homes contain some miscellaneous rabbits, some of whom are Brainwashed and some of whom are Mind Controlled. They say various irrellevant things after they're no longer under the faceman's control.

Rabbit Fortress (after Biggleton)

Command Room

Commander Claw - (You must have found the caravan, rescued the citizens of Biggleton, and recovered the Yellow Cheese.) He takes the Yellow Cheese from you. Tells you that an evil army destroyed Rabbit Fortress. Gives you a quest to recover the Holy Cheese, which was stolen by the facemen. New Quest: Recover the Smelly Cheese. New Map: Faceville.


Description: A town between the size of Littleton and Biggleton. There's lots of face statues, but few actual buildings.

Facemen (and one mouse) are the only enemies within the actual city. The Smelly Cheese is in a treasure chest in the center of Faceville. Since they think you've been brainwashed, they don't normally attack you. When talking to them, they'll attack you if they don't think you're brainwashed. This makes all the nearby facemen hostile. (Implementation Note: The facemen are standing in groups. Each group has the same identifier for all the members.)

There's also some rabbits wandering around, but they don't say anything because they've been brainwashed. The only exception is Jezebel.


There's a few hostile squiggles wandering around outside the city. There's a wall around the city the prevents entry except through the gate.

A path through a cemetary leads up into the city through the back way. Jezebel is standing in front of this path.

Jezebel (not brainwashed) - This is the only rabbit (other than yourself) who hasn't been brainwashed. She can give you some information about the area, and she can also give you mercenaries. Additionally, she warns you not to drink any bottled water within Faceville because it will brainwash you.


Oozes and skeletons are wandering around in the cemetary. There's nothing to do here except fight your way through.

Chest - Gold Carrot

Naive Water Store

A faceman hands offers you a Gold Carrot if you'll drink a bottle of Naive Bottled Water. You won't drink the water because there's a well right next to the store, but you can attack him for the Gold Carrot.


There's several guards at the gate. They won't let you in and will attack you if you bother them too much. In any case, the gate won't open.


Command Tent

Faceman - Hands you a suit of Chain Mail and tells you to polish it and bring it back.

Mouse - Laughs diabollically.

Mind Control Device

This is a mind control device similar to the one in Biggleton. It is controlling some of the rabbits in Faceville. It's guarded by a number of facemen guards who will attack you if you turn it off.

If you turn off the mind control device, this starts a slave riot. The slaves run to the gate (which opens), and then escape through the gateway (which causes them to die).

Chest - Gold Carrot.

Slave Pens

There's a bunch of brainwashed rabbits here.


This is a circle of face statues. The Smelly Cheese is in a treasure chest here, but it's guarded by a faceman and a mouse.

Chest - Contains the Smelly Cheese and a Gold Carrot. If you open it, the mouse attacks you, and the faceman does too if he hasn't left.

Faceman - If there's a riot in the slave pens, he walks down to the slave pens. If you have the Persuasion trait, you can convince the faceman to leave by telling him there's a riot in the slave pens. If he doesn't leave, you'll have to fight him to get the Smelly Cheese.

Mouse - If you talk to him, he'll send you back to the slave pens.


A faceman guard will stop you when you try to open the door. He'll ask you what you're doing in there. You can get past him by saying "The master sent me." (Persuasion required) or "I need armor polish." (if you've been told by the faceman in the command building to polish the armor).

Chest 1 (Locked) - Bastard Sword, Gold Carrot

Chest 2 (Trapped) - 100 gold, Gold Carrot

Chest 3 - Armor Polish (useless), Gold Carrot, Potion 4 (3), Powerstone 4 (3)

Rabbit Fortress (after recovering the Smelly Cheese)

Command Room

Commander Claw - When you bring the Smelly Cheese to Commander Claw, you win.

The City That Doesn't Exist

In the original design, Rabbits was supposed to have several more cities. Most of them were combined with the other cities in the game, but one of them was just dropped. Here's the storyline for Averageton, the city that didn't make it into the game!

Averageton was supposed to be the last city in the game, which you could only go to after recovering the Smelly Cheese.

Rabbit Fortress (after recovering the Smelly Cheese)

Command Room

Commander Claw - Tells you to go to Averageton and join General Bonk's command. He also opens up Treasure Room B so that you can take the treasure within. New Quest: Join General Bonk in Averageton. New Quest: Join General Bonk's Command in Averageton. New Map: Averageton.


Description: A town between the size of Littleton and Biggleton. The rabbit army is using it as a staging area for their offensive against the facemen. The facemen armies are massing outside the city, but some of their soldiers have already attacked the town.

Various groups of soldiers are scattered around.

Command Hut

General Bonk - Tells you that there's no handholding in his command - you'll have to fight at 110% efficiency all the time. Talking to him completes the "Join General Bonk's Command in Averageton." quest, but he also gives you a new quest.The evil high priest, Anedasap, is leading the faceman army to attack the city of Averageton. He also tells you that the blacksmith has crafted special Cheese Armor for you. New Quest: Obtain the Cheese Armor from the blacksmith. (Optional) New Quest: Stop Anedasap, the enemy leader.

Colonel Klink - Assigns you mercenaries for free.


Healer - Completely restores your party's HP and SP for free.

Locked Home

This home is locked, but you can open the door if you have the Lockpicking trait.

Chest - 50 gold, Gold Carrot


Blacksmith - will equip your party with better equipment (for a price). He'll give you the Cheese Armor (the best suit of armor) for free if you rescue his daughter for him. If you ask him how he made the armor, he tells you that he made it from the Holy, Smelly, and Yellow Cheeses.

Shopkeeper - sells items


Barkeep - Sells Carrot Juice and Water. He also has a Gold Carrot for sale.

Jesus - "There's a rumor going around that a woman in Littleton wants to trade the famed Carrot Sword for 42 Gold Carrots. If you're persuasive enough and know how to pick locks, I bet you can find them all.\n\nI used to have some myself, but my farm was overrun. The Gold Carrots on my farm are yours if you can defeat the oozes who have overrun it.\n\nMy farm is to the south." New Quest: Defeat the oozes at Jesus' Farm.

North Forest

There's alot of bushes here, and squiggles are wandering around.

Lya - The blacksmith's daughter. She'll follow you back to the blacksmith.

South Farm

This is Jesus' Farm, which is overrun by oozes. A treasure chest in the farmhouse contains several Gold Carrots.

Battle Field (West)

This area is filled with facemen, oozes, skeletons, and squiggles.

Boss Enemy: Anedasap - (mouse) When you kill him, you win the game. If you have 2 levels of the Persuasion trait and the Cheese Armor, you can convince him to leave in exchange for the armor.

Copyright (C) 2006 Steven Fletcher. All rights reserved.