Nanotron Troubleshooting

This page may help solve common problems with Nanotron.

Does the game work on Windows 10?

Yes, but it hasn't been thoroughly tested on different systems. This game was released over a decade ago, and the development team has separated and moved on to other projects. Players are strongly advised to try playing the demo before buying the deluxe version.

I can only play stage 1!

Do you have the demo? If you have the demo, it will ask you to buy the game when you start it. To buy the deluxe version of the game, visit BMT Micro's shopping cart.

If you have the deluxe version, you must beat stage 1 to unlock stage 2. You must beat stage 2 to unlock stage 3. And so on. This can be annoying if you do a fresh install of Nanotron on a new computer.

Fortunately, I have a file that should automatically unlock all the stages for you. To automatically unlock all the stages, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Download the file nanotron.dat.
  2. Open your "Documents" folder.
  3. Open the folder "orbitalcows".
  4. Open the folder "nanotron".
  5. You must replace the file "nanotron.dat" in this folder with the new file you downloaded.
  6. All the stages should be unlocked, but you may have to update your options if you've changed them from the defaults.

If you have the demo version, this file won't unlock additional stages.

The ball keeps getting stuck in some weird position.

That's a bug that will never be fixed.

The screen is messed up.

Nanotron wasn't designed to be used on high resolution displays, which were rare when Nanotron was first released. It might not always work properly on high resolution displays. If possible, play the game on a lower resolution display. If not possible, try switching to windowed mode from the options screen.

There's not that much I can do about this, but it seems like an uncommon problem.

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