Developer Orbital Cows Software
Genre Action
Price $5.99

Calfstronaut's computer is being attacked by vicious viruses! Help Calfstronaut by clicking on the viruses to destroy them, but be careful not to click on malicious code segments that make you lose the game.

Calfstronaut was exploring a part of the galaxy where no cow had ever gone before, but he encountered an alien spacecraft. The alien accused our intrepid hero of trespassing and disabled Calfstronaut's computers with a computer virus. The artificial intelligence can't eliminate the virus on its own, so you have to help Calfstronaut eliminate the virus manually.

Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection is an intuitive point-and-click game that is fun for the whole family. This is a casual game that you pick up and play any time you like. Play it for a few minutes during your lunch break, or play it in an hour long marathon session!


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